Astor & Sanders Corporation (Astor) is a woman-owned, small disadvantaged business, headquartered in Rockville, MD. Since its founding in 2000, Astor has been a company focused on providing quality in all organizational areas. We provide the best people, industry-recognized processes, and leading-edge tools to support the entire spectrum of information technology needs. Our staff understand the important role government plays in ensuring the ongoing safety, well-being, and social and scientific advancement of the people of the United States. We apply our commitment to quality by providing IT services and solutions that allow federal agencies the freedom to provide services to constituents and succeed across their enterprise.

Empowering Our Clients

Astor offers our clients the best people, processes, and tools. Our commitment to quality extends to every organization we serve, where we apply CMMI, ISO, PMI, and ITIL best practices. We collaborate with government personnel to establish a unified view of their mission needs, and we translate those needs into achievable goals and milestones. With those goals in place, we leverage our broad capabilities and deep technical bench to meet the needs of the entire IT enterprise. As we work, our teams exceed government requirements and strive for continuous improvement, ensuring the government receives the benefit of lower costs over time and enabling them to provide the best possible service to the American people.

Enhancing Our Talent

At Astor, we believe the best employees are ones who are valued and encouraged to grow. As such, we actively invest in our employees, encouraging them to enhance their technical and leadership skills and further their careers in any direction they choose. We maintain talent management programs for our staff on government projects and within Astor headquarters, offering training, seminars, mentoring, and support for certifications and continuing education. In this way, Astor not only offers top-notch talent to each of our contracts, but motivated and growing people who are nurtured to find success.

Building Alliances



Astor is committed to working with our industry partners to present the best value to our customers. We believe strong inter-company ties and frequent collaboration is mutually beneficial, and allows us to expand our technological scope while maintaining the highest quality. Through our partnerships, we are able to leverage cutting-edge technologies spanning the full range of the IT lifecycle, allowing us to offer comprehensive services with deep expertise.




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